White Walnut Flower Farm officially launched in the Spring of 2016 after many years of dreaming, hoping, planning and praying for some land to grow on.  My name is Virginia Terry, and along with my husband, Martin, our 3 year old son, Samuel, and our farm cat, Smokey, we are on a flower growing adventure! The large tree in this photo is a 200+ year old white walnut (Juglans cinerea) that stands proudly at the front of the farm. We are growing some spectacular cut flowers in the acreage just beyond this majestic tree and are proud of our first year so far (see Gallery)!

We are focused on building healthy soil by adding compost and using green manure.  Our gardens are filled with plant biodiversity that provide homes for beneficial insects, which help keep our plants healthy and happy.  Our 6 acres were previously conventionally farmed and over the coming years we have plans to reintroduce native trees, shrubs, grasses, and perennials that once grew here. We believe this will create a sustainable environment for our farm. With the floral industry and conservation in mind, we are carefully selecting native plants that have desirable characteristics as cut flowers, foliage, and seed heads to use in our floral designs. In addition to growing plants uncommon or even non-existent as a cut flowers in the floral industry, we are growing traditional (yet thoughtfully selected varieties that are less common) annual cut flowers, including tulips, snapdragons, zinnias, and sunflowers.